WE ARE AT - 4201 N DIVISION & 1505 N ASH MAIN STORE - 509-(GOLDBAY) 509-465-3229

Goldbay Pawn Spokane


Spokanes newest Pawn Shop - 2 convenient locations.


Why Goldbay Pawn?

Gold and Silver Experts

We buy and sell all forms of gold and silver. We specialize in bullion and coins

Tools, tools, tools!

We buy, sell and pawn tools, hand tools, cordless, air, power and more

DVD's and BluRay

we have over 3000 DVD's and BluRay. $1.50 (Cheaper than Redbox) then bring them back and get $0.25!


Advertising just costs YOU money. We are of the thought that treating you fairly and serving YOUR needs will have you tell a few people about us. For us that's good enough! Find out how that makes a difference for YOU!

We are BBB Accredited A+

Goldbay Gold Corp BBB Business Review

Proud members of the 

Certified PCGS dealer